Want A Gift Card?

We want to send you a $25 gift card of your choice.

We want to send you a $25 gift card of your choice.

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What? Why? How?

What?   Become an Ambassador for ChoiceInspiration.com via our “2020 Spring Special”

Why?    ChoiceInspiration.com has a special Ambassador program available for you to enroll and receive gifts card(s) of your choice.

How?     These are the steps to get your $25 gift card(s) of your choice:

Become familiar with our content creation company, by spending some time at our website and/or contacting us with any specific questions.  https://choiceinspiration.com

Enroll yourself in our Ambassador Program (no cost to you) (must be 18 years or older)

Introduce (refer) anyone that administrates a Facebook or Pinterest business or non-profit PAGE.

If they choose to subscribe to our valuable, personalized, economical social media creation service and successfully subscribe via our PayPal account….

Then, ChoiceInspiration.com will send you (for each new subscriber) the gift card(s) of your choice.  There is no limit to the numbers of cards we will send you if you successfully complete the above four steps and new subscriptions are set up. (One card per subscription)

It is just that easy!  Enroll today as a ChoiceInspiration Ambassador.  This “2020 Spring Special” ends May 31, 2020.  Can you taste those wings yet?  Does the aroma of that favorite Starbucks drink smell just perfect?  Enroll today, at NO cost to you.  Happy Spring To You!